Whether at home, work or play, we put our bodies through so much on a daily basis. Your everyday lifestyle may cause problems through stress, lack of exercise, poor posture, wear and tear, illness and unfortunately, sometimes accidents.

As chiropractors, we understand these issues. We move beyond just fixing bad backs or necks. We appreciate that health and well being is more than just the absence of pain!  We try not to focus on your pain but look forward to achieving your end goal. Relief from pain is the obvious goal but what most people want is something far more important.

 Book your Chiropractic appointment today!

Book your Chiropractic appointment today!

Examples of the types of conditions people visit us with:

  • General, acute & chronic backache or back pain
  • Uncomplicated mechanical neck pain
  • Headaches arising from the neck
  • Joint pains including hip & knee pain from osteoartritis
  • General aches and pains of joints and muscle spasms
  • Frozen shoulder, shoulder or elbow pain or tennis elbow in association with the back or neck
  • Lifestyle advice regarding tension


If you would like to book an appointment, call us on 01482 227125.


Initial Consultation: £60 (1hour)

Follow up: £35 (20 mins)

Not sure if Chiropractic can help you? Give us a call and ask to speak to Alex or Jackie.
— Jackie Cowie & Alex Tierney - Chiropractors