About The Core Health Centre

Our practitioners have all worked in various clinical settings and fitness centres but appreciated that we worked in relative isolation.

We all had the same core values but worked in different places! Patient and client care is complex and sometimes requires more than one approach.

Our goal was to create a health clinic that centred around our patients’ and clients’ needs. We've created a clinic where we can refer with confidence and efficiency so that our patients and clients reach their goals as quickly as possible, with a high level of satisfaction. We work together and individually in the patient or clients best interest.


Our lifestyles today are very stressful. They also tend to revolve around work. We sit in the car on the way to work, sit for hours at our workstations and then go home and sit in front of the television. This causes no end of postural and musculo-skeletal problems. Our lives are so busy that we don’t exercise anymore. Our diets are more reliant on fast foods and as a result we face increased rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

At the Core Health Centre we focus on the core values of wellness: MIND, BODY AND SOUL. Our experts are on hand to guide you through these three phases to achieve your goal of wellness.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our Practitioners, give the clinic a call on 01482 227125.